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Frequently Asked Questions

Configuration Files

 - When modifying security.php, what is the private or secret key that is referred to?

The private key is just a random alpha-numeric string that the administrator makes up that is going to be used by the kronophobia system as a sort of master-password for all the user passwords in the system. Just pick something random such as: "jk48fjal91t5".

Downloading Objects from Kronophobia

 - I am getting an object not found error in Internet Explorer using SSL. Why is that?

There is a known bug in Internet Explorer which Microsoft refuses to fix that affects dynamically generated downloads in an SSL environment. The only known work-around is to log out of SSL and download the object without encryption.

PDF Reports

 - When printing PDF reports the data runs off the end of the page or is squeezed into the middle of the page awkwardly. Why?

The Adobe plugin often has trouble interpreting the data on the page. Try the "Fit to Page" option for the smaller reports; this option is located in the print dialog box. For the extra-wide reports, turn the page scaling off by setting the option to "None" and make sure to choose Legal paper type instead of the regular 8 1/2 by 11.