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Future Plans

Version 1.4: (Spock)

  • A whole Event Request section where users can submit a request for an event which has to go through an approval process
    1. Administrator assign Master Queue Managers, Campus Queue Managers and Master Approvers
    2. After a user submits an event, the Master Queue Manager receives the event and determines which Campus Queue Manager will handle the event request
    3. Then the Campus Queue Manager receives the event and may add or remove approvers to it
    4. Next, the Master Approver is designated per campus and is now in charge of completing approval with help of other approvers for this event
    5. Finally, Approvers can be any system user that needs a say in the execution of the event
    6. Forms can be attached to any object in the database and, if referenced in an event, filling them out is required
    7. Forms are defined in a simple XML format and can be written easily by any school to fit their needs. In addition there is an interface for adding and removing forms from the system
    8. An intuitive list interface will display all forms and approvers and what objects they are connected to within the calendar system
    9. These approvers and forms may be assigned en masse or individually
    10. Each request event will have a forum where all approvers may discuss what they think of the event and why they approve or disapprove
    11. Complete structured documentation on the entire process, in detail, will be available as soon as 1.4 is released
  • A new look to the whole UI, which is totally xhtml compliant and uses CSS for the layout. Only IE 6.0 or greater and Mozilla 1.5 and greater will be allowed to use the program because of giant display bugs in previous versions. Konqueror, Safari and Opera are also supported
  • A redesigned help system featuring XML based main help and XML based tool-tip help for each element on the page
  • Finishing the DB Core Tracking and DB Peripheral Tracking sections, so the admins can keep track of every action in the system

Version 1.5: (Riker)

  • Usage and browser statistics will be provided for all sections and events seperately
  • The ability to export events and other objects into multiple formats (cvs,text,tab,etc) en masse
  • The ability to backup the entire system from within the program and store the backup file for later retrieval
  • Complete database checker which will clean up broken records, etc
  • Ability to archive old events and other records that are ghosted and view them in read-only mode from a separate section so they don't clog up your main calendar

Version 1.6: (Picard)

  • District level calendaring
    • Ability to create multiple calendar systems within Kronophobia
    • Example: English Dept., Math Dept., and Administration can all host, manage, and control event, contacts, users, etc, for their own calendars
    • All users can choose which calendars to integrate into their own calendar view from the global list
    • Calendars can be either public or private and that determines if people that are not users of that system can see it or not
    • Administrator creates calendars and assigns Calendar Managers to a specific calendar to manage it
    • This can potentially include calendars for every users in the system and specialized calendars that are there for groups or the school district to use
    • For public users the default calendar will be the main district calendar